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Real-time data for hospitals and ACOs to coordinate care across the continuum Real-time data for hospitals and ACOs to coordinate care across the continuum

Now more than ever health systems and ACOs are seeking to understand and affect the way their patients receive post-acute care after discharge. Managing a high-quality post-acute network requires accurate, timely, and detailed data. CareStat® by SHP facilitates data sharing among providers and helps hospitals and ACOs:

  • Manage high-quality post-acute provider networks and drive collaboration with PAC partners
  • Improve patient outcomes and rehospitalizations with real-time data on PAC providers and patients
  • Manage Patient Care Bundles
  • Create evidence-based, data-driven care plans
  • Compare apples to apples with uniform metrics across your network
  • Gain control over financial penalties related to quality or readmissions

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Close to 5,000 home health agencies (HHAs) and 3,000+ skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) use SHP to manage their performance, while automatically sharing their data with SHP in real-time.

HHAs and SNFs look for a convenient way to share data with their referral sources and other clinical partners in a transparent and secure manner. SHP supports this cooperation between providers via our CareStat solution. The post-acute process and quality metrics are presented in a consistent format with state and national benchmarks. SHP only shares post-acute care data if permitted by its home health agency and skilled nursing customers.

Why CareStat® powered by SHP?
Supports data-driven care coordination among providers Provides a convenient, transparent and secure way of managing patient data Brings fair, accurate and timely review of data from multiple provider partners Uses largest proprietary home health dataset and benchmarks Automatic, intuitive reports make it easy to compare and analyze data